Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Random and unorganized thoughts by Gabrielle...

1. The weather is starting to feel AMAZING...I feel 4,543 times better when the weather is above 30 degrees....

2. Only two more shifts stand between me and going home for a few days to Louisiana :). 

3. I'm loving the quote, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt. So amazingly true.  I definitely find myself thinking about that quote on a daily basis lol. 

4.  Josh and I are having MEGA house envy like woah.  Can't wait until we have a little land and house of our own soon :). 

5. The crockpot and I have become bff's lately.  It's like magic.  Pop in everything and walla! ;)

6. I want to keep Claude (my car) forever.  After Josh's truck debacle I will drive Claude FOREVA.  Josh jokes that he will have to cut holes in the bottom of the floor so that I can "Flinstone style" it. lol

7. ANDDDDD I talk to Huck like a human WAY too much.  Is that bad?

Riveting thoughts by me.  I know.