30 Before 30

1. Become a mom. So this one is already in the works.

2. Finish learning French.

3. Cook at least 25 new recipes a year.

4. Buy a house.

5. Plant a garden.

6. Find a fitness class (barre, spin, Zumba) to regularly go to.

7. Volunteer on a regular basis.

8. Run a 5k.

9. Find my dream RN job.

10. Take a full spa day.

11. Try acupuncture.

12. Compete in a fitness competition.

13. Take a wine class/ visit wine country in California.

14. Float the Comal River.

15. Visit Nashville, TN.

16. Take a photography class.

17. Find a church.

18. Hike the Rocky Mountains.

19. Join a book club.

20. Read one book a month or twoish...

21. Learn how to drive a stick shift.

22. Pay off my school loans.

23. Hit up the Container Store and overhaul our house when we move this fall.

24. Zip line.

25. Take continuing education/courses for my RN.

26. Learn to sew.

27. Enter a BBQ competition.

28. Take a mother/daughter trip.

29. Go to a drive in movie.

30. Buy a pair of cowboy boots.
Okay, so I was reaching a little here.  I may revise that one. :)

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