Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Randomly random ramblings again :)

1. I really wanna get this little blog going again but can't get it together.  I always tell myself  to take lots of pics to share on my blog but then wind up taking 2 pics.  Blogger fail.   

2. I went back to Louisiana for a few days and had a fabulous time visiting family and friends.  As much as I love visiting, it's almost not worth it because of the heartache when it's time to leave.  I hate saying that but man, you would think a year being away it would be a little easier.  Alas, it does not.

3. I keep telling myself to enjoy the "adventure" of traveling to different states with Josh and the pup because it won't always be like this. 

4. It is 40 degrees here today.  I have the FIRE going.  It's April. Get it together weather.

5. I've had such an intense desire to spend money lately lol.  I've always been pretty frugal but lately I just want to buy everything in sight.  Gotta reign it in lol.

6. I spent $200 at the grocery and health food store yesterday getting some healthier options for the hubby and I. 

I just ate 8 oreos.