Friday, December 2, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

Happy Friday ladies!  Sadly I will be working this weekend, but for all of you off have a great weekend!

I'm linking up with Lauren today!

1. The holiday season is coming up so soon!  It's such a great time to spend with people you love the most, decorating, celebrating, and just having fun!

2. Snow makes me  NERVOUS!  This is my first winter with snow, so while I'm excited, I'm nervous to drive in it.    J and I will be the only looney tunes out in the snow playing like children I'm sure...
3. The best comfort food to eat when it's cold out is chili...or mac n' cheese.  Yum...makes me want to eat some now!

4. Winter is the best time for snuggling! I love piling under  blankets by the fire with my coffee.  Oh, and if I had a gorgeous bay window, I'd probably stare out of it for hours looking out at my acres of rolling hills ;).

5. I can hardly wait for my week off between Christmas and New Years.  THANK YOU LORD.  I can't even express how excited I am.  Josh and I are road tripping to Texas and Louisiana to visit fam and friends :).  I think my heart is going to explode when I see everyone.
6. When it comes to holiday gifts I prefer to give them!  Well, chances are you're  probably getting a gift card.  I KNOW, that sounds awful, but unless I know exactly what you want I'd rather get you something practical.  Ugh, does that make me boring?  ;)
7. If I were to rate my excitement about the holiday season on a scale from 1-10, I would say Um....27??  HA

                                                                        IN OTHER NEWS....

                                           Ya know that saying, "Sometimes you feel like a nut?"

                                                        I was the nut yesterday friends.

Turns out 2 hours before my shift started, I realized my keys were locked in Josh's car.  Yep.  That means I was in total panic mode and sweating bullets.

I called J 50 times and and thankfully he left his car at his coworkers house (he lives about a mile down the road)...

Which meant I was left walking a mile and a half down the road (in a time crunch) to his coworkers house to get my keys out of his car, drive back to our apartment, and then rush to work.

I can tell ya that the experience was NOT a pleasant one.  

At least I didn't have to work out today.....

Le Sigh. 

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  1. awee, i hate when those stressful moments happened, especially when you're at work! you're right for looking on the night side though: at least you got your workout over with :)