Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas decorating

Ahhhh!  Along with 12344554323 other folks, Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I was very blessed growing up and have such great memories of putting up the Christmas tree.  We would all play Christmas music, decorate, drink hot chocolate, etc.  I will always look back on those memories and smile.  Now that I'm married, I look forward to the new traditions and memories that I'll make with my new little family.

Here are a few pics for Josh and I's past Christmases:

Don't mind us, we just got back from our vacay in St. Tropez.  Ok, not so much.  We look a little oompa loompa ha!


 Christmas decorating 2011

Our little helper!  Every night he lies under the tree now and chews on his bone for hours...cuteness overload!


Nothing too fancy, but I love it nonetheless!  Oh, and everything for $100 dollas!  BOOM! :)


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