Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's ok...

Hey ya'll!!  I love the "It's ok" linkups I've seen lately and figured I'd join! :)

Thanks Amber!!

It's ok.... still be in my pj's at 4pm...the weather is NASTY and I see no point in doing anything today lol! miss my family probably more than a 25 year old woman should.... talk to my dog like a human being.... get excited whenever I get an email from hubs.  Even if it's just a "good morning." watch the amount of reality tv I do.... STILL not have printed ONE wedding pic for our frames....It's been a year folks eek... probably care for my patients more than I should...still working on the whole "keep work at work thang"..... keep an eye on my off days to coordinate trips back home...... love our fireplace so much that I will probably use it even when it's only 60 degrees out....

Hope ya'll are having a great day!


  1. Girl! I use my fireplace ALL the time! I just love the ambiance it brings to the room :) Happy Thursday, lady!!

  2. Fireplace person here too. I just love it. The smell, the ambiance, I love everything about it :)