Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's a......
(21 weeks)

We are over the moon for our little boy!!  My first trimester I thought it was a boy.  Then the last few weeks before we found out, Josh had a dream that it was a little girl, and not long after that I had the same dream so we both thought maybe it was a girl.  People kept asking which would we prefer and honestly there was no preference.  Just a healthy baby.
(My mom came to town to share the special moment of seeing our little one on the big screen and having a girl's weekend!  So thankful for her.  I would have posted pictures of her but she hates having her picture taken. I joke that I will have to photoshop her face with our child LOL.)
At the appointment, without question before the tech was able to tell us we knew 100% it was a little prince!!  Let's just say our cutie was not shy. ;) He was moving like a crazy man and had a case of the hiccups! So cute.  Josh couldn't believe how much he was moving.
Overall, it was such a special day telling everyone we loved about our baby and scoping out some baby gear.  We hit up all of the biggies (Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, boutiques, Target, etc. etc.).  Crazy enough, we didn't buy anything while we were out.  I was so overwhelmed I think that if I bought one thing that it would turn into a cart of goodies so I held off.  It was fun though trying out strollers, looking at clothes, etc. Even Josh got into it!
What a stud!
Ever since we found out, we've been on cloud nine.  Little one, you are so loved!
Baby's first outfit from his Mimi!! (Josh's mom)
Josh and I plan to start registering and getting a few things this weekend, so that should be fun!
Here are a few random pics I thought were cute...
(I bribed my mom to take a pic with Huck ;))

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  1. Yaaaay!!!!! So happy for you girl... Welcome to team blue!!!! When's your due date again??