Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer favorites


So, TLC's "A Baby Story" has never exactly been on my DVR list until lately.  I'm not sure whether to be excited or nervous (or both) about giving birth after watching this show (thank you TLC for playing 2 million episodes on a daily basis).  Gah, I cannot get through an episode without tearing up. So sweet.  Good stuff.

               ~Skirt from Old Navy                                      ~Skirt from Windsor                           ~Dress from Meijer(random!)
I'm loving long skirts/maxi dresses.  With my growing belly, I have a feeling these will be part of my "uniform" for the summer.  So comfortable.

I went to Target today and saw these lovelies and had to bring them home!  The pink pair were on sale for $8 so it was a no brainer.  I'm loving the wedges too.  Cute for date night.
 Target's Liz Lange long and lean tanks

I cannot say enough how much I love these tanks.  I have at least 5 of them and wore them even before I got pregnant.  They are super long and so soft.  LOVE.

I've never been a huge lipstick person but love this by Maybelline.  If lipstick and chap stick got together it would totally make this.  Basically it's a tinted chap stick.  So pretty.

  And last but not least, ice cream dates. Toddy dates have now been replaced with ice cream dates.  This past weekend we swung by and I got chocolate with peanut butter cups and Josh got cotton candy and pina colada???  I thought I was the pregnant one.


  1. I used to watch Baby Story alllll of the time back in high school (it was at the specific time when my babysitting girls took naps during the summertime haha ;-))

    Love those Target sandals! Great score :-)

    Have a great day!!

  2. With my pregnancy and this HOOOOOTT Texas heat, I practically live in maxis! Love your target shoes! I just went a few days ago and scored on some cheap sandals!