Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicago funsies

Josh and I journeyed over to Chicago this weekend to the International Museum of Surgical Science.  Nerd alert, I know!  We usually take the train, but J decided to drive, (brave soul) because you couldn't pay me to drive downtown Chicago.

 Love looking at all of the cute houses in our future neighborhood.  Only a few million dollars standing        in our way :).

                                                                 The surgical museum!

  These lozenges cured everything from anxiety to nausea! 

Please disregard my eyes being closed :)

 There's a  "Lsu/Saints" bar around Wicker Park called Standard Bar and Grill, so we had to check it out Saturday.  We got there at 2:30 (when the game started) = big ole fail.  The place was PACKED.  It was pretty amazing, but I'm sorry I'm not gonna stand for 3 + hours, so we decided to grab bbq and keep up with the score on our phones.  We plan on going back this upcoming weekend for the game, but will def get there early!!

           The BBQ was awesome, and our waitress was actually from New Orleans!  Small world right?

                                                                Happy Tuesday!

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