Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello, October!

October is by far my favorite month.  So many great things happen in October.

  • The birth of hubs
  • Josh and I met in October
  • My parent's anniversary
  • fall has officially set in
  • Halloween silliness
  • Candy!!
  • The weather is perfect
  • AMC's scary movie marathons
  • My new jobs starts
  • Next week Josh and I are heading down to my hometown for a lonf overdue visit!
I mean, what's not to love?  I'm sure I'm missing 5,609 things but ya'll get my drift.

Here are a few pics I'm loving

                         all pics via pinterest

Halloween costumes for Hucky:

And my personal fav....
Hugh Hefner!  haha

Too cute!  I'm really considering getting him a costume this Halloween even though I'm certain he will have ripped it off in 2.5 seconds.  I think those 2.5 secs would be worth it though.  Don't ya think? :)

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