Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The stars aligned earlier last week and Josh and I had the chance to fly down this past weekend to Louisiana. 

                                              Me being ecstatic was an understatement. 

Our renter (we own a condo in Baton Rouge) dropped the bomb that she was moving in a week and was leaving, so J and I flew down to make sure everything was neat and tidy in order to rent it out again.

                We flew in Wednesday night and it was AWESOME to be back in my hometown! 


 There really is no place like home.  It's just nice to be somewhere where you don't have to put everything in your GPS, and everyone knows your name :).

So Thursday Josh and I drove to Baton Rouge to take a look at the condo.  I was nervous to open up the door, but our renter left the interior spotless and I was able to exhale.

(sorry for some reason I couldn't rotate the pic)


 Our back exterior was another story.   Houston we had a problem.  The siding of parts of the condo were coming apart and it wasn't cute.

Long story short, we Josh had to redo the side of our condo.  Yuck.  Shout out to my mom and dad for their help.  Definitely couldn't have done it without them.  I mean I'm fairly certain the sun shines out of their backsides.  I know, too much..... but it's true.  Just love, love, love, 'em.


Now our condo is all ready to be rented out again!!


Now for the fun part!

After spending far more time on the condo than we anticipated, we also had a little fun with the fam too!

Our double date to the grocery

My two favorite men.  My hubs and pops!

Josh in the meat section.  I love that man but I want to pull my hair out when we go grocery shopping together.  The dude loves to spend 678 minutes in the meat section picking out the perfect steak or whatever he's looking for.  Drives. Me. Insane.  But I love him and he says I'm pretty so I'll let it slide. ;)

It so happened to be Josh and Collette's (my little bro's gfriend) birthday, so there was a lot to celebrate! 

Andre' baked Collette her fav cake and Bella was supervising.  Clearly.

                                                        Bella, my parent's demon doggy hehe.

                                                  He was so proud of his creation!  That's love.

                  The lovely couple.  I've only known Collette a little while, but I have to say that I love her.  She is super sweet and  gorgeous, and I think they make a fab couple.  I told Andre' from the beginning she has been my fav out of every girl Andre's dated.  And if you're reading this Collette, I promise I'm not just saying that :).

The birthday boy and his cheesecake.  One candle for each decade.  Heh.

                                                 My mom's yummy bean salad.  Recipe coming soon!

Josh's birthday waffle.  Notice his one candle!

Saturday before our flight left, we decided to go for a tour at Abita Brewery.  It was awesome.  Period.  First off the tour was free, AND you got to drink as much beer as you wanted.  Free.

Only in Louisiana :)

Here are a few pics of our visit.  I highly recommend going, it was a blast. 

It's amazing that such a little brewery in a cute small town has exploded into such a success.  I think I did a mental back flip when Josh was able to find Abita beer here in Indiana. 

It's the small thangs..

After our tour, we moseyed on back to the airport to fly back to our new home.  It was a victory I was able to say goodbye without crying.  THIS TIME.  The few other times it was ugly.  Just sayin'.

Aside from the three kiddos SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER on the plane ride home, this was a perfect getaway before I started my new job this Monday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. I LOVE ROUSES AND I LOVE THE ABITA BREWERY!!!!! It sounds like you had an awesome weekend... and I'm so glad the condo got fixed back up!!!

    Now following! Happy Sunday! XOXO, Stephanie