Monday, November 14, 2011

The shark, a pizza recipe, and a little coffee shop relaxation...

(I'd just like to thank you guys for your sweet emails and comments about Kate.  Made my day :))

So.  You  know you're officially "old" when......

.....You squeal a little when you purchase a new household item (i.e. The Shark= dog hair's worst enemy.)

exhibit A:
Not sure why this pic is sideways...sorry!


.......You'd rather stay at home makin' homemade pizza and watching movies then going to the bar.

exhibit B:

 I have to share this recipe with ya'll.  It turned out AMAZING. 

Mediterranean Herb Chicken pizza:

It was Josh and I's first time actually making pizza dough so we were a little nervous.  We were worried for nothing because it came out great!  We just followed Tammy's recipe, and walla!!


......You wake up early Sunday morning, head to the coffee shop with your honey, and relax.  Well I relaxed, Josh studied his financial jargon.  For fun. Yikes.

exhibit C:

Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend!


  1. before i saw you posted the recipe for the pizza i said to myself "that looks amazing...i need the recipe" haha

  2. 1. i love that pizza!- one of my favorite things to make when i have people over is homemade pizza! it's so easy but still impresses everyone (especially when you tell them a white lie that you made your own dough!) 2. such a cute blog title! love it!