Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter? Is that You?

So, clearly it isn't winter yet...

But anything below 45-50 degrees to me is considered winter.  And it is well below 50 now (well, for the most part....) and will most likely be 'till April.

  Ay yi yi.

I feel so ill equiped to survive the winter lol.  Dramatic much? 

Black ice?  Snow?

It snowed the other day, and I totally stood outside of my car at 12am in the hospital parking lot secretly panicking because my handle to my car was frozen shut.  After a few tugs and a few curse words it decided to open.

So, I have compiled a wish list of things I need this winter.  Some a joke, some not so much.


Too much?

Kids, keep away from the frickin' serial killer look alike in the neighborhood.

Can't forget one for the Hucky.

Okay, now for some gear that I really want

I'm a little scarf obsessed


The following few things are from Kitty Dune on etsy.com

I love this look.  Chunky socks that peak out of the tops of your boots.

And....some snow boots...

..... last but not least Josh is having the remote startup feature installed in my car so I can start it up without dying of frost bite from waiting to warm up.  Thanks for looking out for me boo. 


  1. love the chunky socks out of boots!

  2. I LOVE SCARVES... and I hate to admit that i love my snuggie too! I can't wait to get one for my pooch - lol! The scary robber man mask the the green hat made me crack up laughing - too funny!

    Hope you had a great day! XOXO