Friday, November 4, 2011

Speed Demons

(Disclaimer: I'm totally aware that there are cray cray insane drivers everywhere, but I feel as though I live in the capital of scary drivers.)

Dear sir, ma'am, whoeva:

I fear for my life on a daily basis living in your area. 

I get it.  Now I know why they have the "Indy 500" or whatever it's called here.  Because ya'll sure as "you know what" drive like it. 

If I'm not going AT LEAST 10-15 miles over the speed limit I am getting honked at, tailgated within inches of my life, passed, etc. etc.  It's like I feel their eyes boring into the back of my brain.

Oh, and why is the speed limit on the interstates 55 mph??????????

Are you kidding me?  If you're not going at least 80 miles per hour get off the road. 

I don't even like to drive down the street to Target.  It's a travesty.


I had to get that out.  Because for the last few months I've wanted to explode driving around this area. 

Not good for the heart, ya know?

Oh, and they put blinkers on our cars for a reason, ya dig.

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