Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just the two of us

This is a love story of two people that met one faithful night in the heart of the French Quarter.

Now this isn't the most romantic story... or even super exciting... but it fits both of our personalities. 

    Simple, genuine, honest. :)

Here goes...

Josh had been working in a small town close to New Orleans for a few months while I was living in New Orleans trying to finish up school.  Being extremely classy people, Josh and I were out separately with friends having a few toddies and unbeknownst to the two of us, would meet on a cool night in October of 2007.

(I always love when people ask how we met, because everyone always says never meet your hubs/wifey at the bar...well boo-yah.)


I guess serendipity stepped in and in the middle of shaking my bon bon at the club, Josh stepped in and introduced himself.  Now, if you asked any of my friends they would tell you that I'm a total (biaatchh) gentle soul when it comes to strange men coming up to me.

  BUT For some reason though I spoke back to Josh (lucky him) and so our little love story began.

Over the next week or so we talked on the phone every night and decided to meet up at our "mid way point" (which was Chili's).  I have to laugh at myself because right before I got to Chili's I stopped off in the Walmart parking lot to fix my makeup and to take a few deep breaths.   

Now, I would love to say we had a super amazing fireworky connection on the beginning of the date but alas it just wasn't. Don't get me wrong, it was a great first date but I think nerves got in the way and we both weren't ourselves. (As evidenced by me spilling my whole fajita pita in my lap, yep.)

So when Josh asked me to come back to his place to talk some more I have no earthly CLUE why I said yes.  I have NEVER EVER done that before (seriously) and still don't know why I did.  Because he could very well have been a serial killer that lurks out in the French Quarter luring girls to Chili's and then killing them and throwing them in the cane field. 

But for some reason there was something different about him.  He had such a "gentlemanly vibe" to him and didn't seem like he was trying to get in my pants. So we went back and hung out talking for hours laughing and goofing off on SEPARATE couches and we didn't touch once ha!  He was the perfect gentleman and was nothing but respectful.  (and yes, I fully know that I was extremely lucky.)

So he drove me back to my car and I made my way home to New Orleans.  I couldn't wait to get back to spill to my best friend Kate...we talked for hours about how a decent date turned into something so great.

From that date on Josh and I continued to date and it has been wonderful ever since.  We have been through so much and he is my best friend and soul mate.  I love that dude.  He has been such a supportive other half through nursing school, long distance, moving, relationships, changes, tragedies, you name it.

In conclusion, I would have never thought this Louisiana suburbia girl would marry a Texas country boy and live anywhere other than the South.    

            Okay, so enough talking let's see some pics!

Our first picture together!

Basically we're master fishermen.

and swimmers...

We party

 He was "the one" because he could pick me up without grunting.  True story.

              One of the 6787 weddings Josh has been in.

Halloween with Billy Mays

                         Peek a boo!

He cracks me up.  He looks like my "keeper"

                       He's a married man, yo.

                                                                             Creeper alert!

                                                                   We're big goofs

                                               and....we ride off into the night.  Happily.Ever.After.

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