Monday, September 5, 2011

Across the country fun

Yeah I don't know how this got on there, but this is from our honeymoon lol.

full days of driving.  5.  Sounds fun right?  That's how long we planned on taking to get to Washington.  Well, with a short detour to Las Vegas on the way.  Extremely necessary right?

             A few little facts about our little family:

  • Josh lurrrves driving rather than flying.  He says that it's fun to look around at the scenery and just "ponder life."  Guess who is the opposite?  Me.   I can "ponder life" sitting in an airplane yo.

  • Josh likes to drive without the radio on in SILENCE.  Guess who is the opposite?  Me.  If I have to be in the car for more than 15 minutes, I like to blast the radio with the windows down.

  • Josh likes to drive without too many stops for gas and food.  Guess who has the smallest bladder on earth?  Oh yes, me.  Unfortunately the poor man had to stop every 3-4 hours for his new bride.  That's love folks.

  • Josh would rather take the scenic route. Even if this means that we take MUCH longer than originally planned.  I'd rather zip on through in the quickest way possible. 
Now I realize that I could  have driven at any time and do it my way, but with the NCLEX coming up (boards for RN's) I had to suck it up and do it his way so that I could study for 36 hours :).

                                           What is this white stuff that you speak of???


So let's fast forward oh I'd say 4 months.  We were living blissfully in Washington amongst the tumbleweeds, wind, and miles and miles of vineyards.  I come home from a long day of work at the hospital, and Josh is acting mighty wierd.  He made dinner and bought my favorite bottle of wine.  Uh Oh. I knew something was up.  Either he did something wrong, or he knew what he was about to tell me was not going to make me super happy. 

So within a mere two weeks we were packing up our lives that we just settled in Washington to move another few thousand miles to the Midwest.  Que?  Due to a few issues that were out of Josh's hands, he was offered a spectacular job offer in the Midwest. 

Yeah, so this time I wasn't as eager as the last move so only one picture was taken.

Please excuse my sweaty mess!  Not attractive, I know.

All I will say about the journey from Washington to where we live now, is that we shipped Josh's car, rented a 17 foot UHaul with a trailer on the back and towed my car.  I must have checked to make sure my poor little car was still on the back 600 million times.  Josh is a saint and drove that monstrosity like a champ.
So, this is PART of the story that led us to where we are now.   I only pray that we stay here for at least longer than a year this time, but if not, just call us the "Newlywed Nomads."
Despite the craziness that our lives have been so far, I wouldn't take it back for the world and am very blessed to have this life.

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