Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Wonderfuls

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Our weekend was full of food, football, and farmer's market action.

My only fall decor.  I know, pathetic but gotta start somewhere right? 

Before the farmer's market trip!

Josh and I have been wanting to visit the local farmer's market since we've moved here, so we woke up early to see what they had!

Tie dye t-shirt anyone?

Gorgeous flowers.  Wanted to take them all home.

Josh was dying to make some salsa so we raided the poor lady's pepper, onion, and tomato selection.

Happy hubby!

So overall it was a total success!  It was a little small, but the selection was great and we went a little overboard with all of the produce.

For game day Josh decided to make ribs and salsa.  Totally go together.

Game food!!

Happy Monday!

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