Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Huck!

(Sweet pink long johns, I know.)

Meet our dog Huck!  a.k.a. Da monk, monkey, scurpy boo boo bear, lil boo, Huck-meister, Hucky, Huck Huck.  Yes, I'm the cray cray dog lady that calls her dog 16 different names, and loves her dog to pieces.  Look at that face, you would be too.  Trust.

The Huckmeister enjoys:


  1. SNUGGLING. (Even when he's looking a touch possessed at the moment.)

2.  Performing magic tricks for mom and dad.  This is his version of the "kangaroo".    
              3. Being the "official crumb catcher".  He would rather be called "mom's helper" though. :)....Tomato, Tomahhhhto.

4. His other magical trick called "hold my paw, homey."

5. Visiting with the gpaw and gmaw.

6.   Staring lovingly at dad.

 7.  Picking up and chewing on the biggest sticks evaaaaa.

  8. Sleeping.  But who doesn't enjoy that?  We knew it was love the first night we brought him home and he slept until 9.  Heaven.

9. And just chilling with his peeps....
Begging for a piece of food.

Huck does not enjoy:

1. Baths

(I'm pretty positive Huck is plotting Josh's death in this pic ha!)

Huck's adoption story:

Since the beginning Josh and I knew we wanted to adopt a dog.    We agnonized to make sure we were ready to give our new member of the family a life long home, and wanted the best for our first dog. 

We went to one of the local pet adoption shelters and were dumbfounded at the questions the lady asked us.  She asked us if we were ever going to divorce in the future, and that we needed to have a house with a yard.  

Um.....oh uh uh.  Hold my purse.

No thanks.  We will look at another shelter, thank ya very much. 

 I know, I get that they're trying to fit their pets with the best possible situation, but the way she said it just irked me. 

 ( and I'm pretty sure also that our dog gets plenty of exercise considering we walk/run/dog park with Huck on a daily basis.

Moving on......

A week later, Josh found another potential dog on Petfinder and fell in love with the little guy.  The website said he was half husky/half dauschaund. 

Say what?

I know, you're wondering about logistics as I have pondered for quite awhile. I choose not to think too much about it because it frightens me. 

So we called the lady and she said that the shelter had recently burned down, and she had taken almost half of the pets home to her house. :(  So we drove an hour to meet the pup to see if he was "the one".  When she let him out of his tiny kennel, (he had been in for months) he barreled straight for Josh and almost knocked him down.  It was a done deal for us.  Love at first site for our family. 

Poor thing was bow legged from being cooped up in the tiny kennel. 

(Apparently, someone found the litter on the side of the hwy and brought them to the shelter.)  

Anyways, we brought him home and we just love him so so much.  I'd like to think the feeling is mutual :).  Since I'm a crazy dog mom, the blog will feature Huck and the funnies that  ensue! 

He loves Jillian Michael just like mom does! My 30-day shred partner :) 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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